My 17 month olds eating disorder

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I am righting this not to make mums worry but just to have an extra eye open to possibilities from young my little boy has never been interested in food he never liked jars , he may of had the odd blended meal but after three mouthfuls that would be his lot he would never snack and would maybe if I'm lucky eat three bites out of something a day which I new wasn't right and he would quiet happily sit there with his milk without a care in the world from when he first started being able to eat right up to three months ago I was taking him back to his doctors regular. Just to show my cons urns that my child was glued to the milk and not eating I even tithes swooping the milk for water and try and starve him from the milk so he would eat and even that didn't work he would just refuse. The doctor said he would be fine and eat when he is ready after the 5th doctor view and still getting no where I decided to ring up and ambulance as my child looked very white and I had noticed his hair had stopped growing completely. They said he is in a bad way and needs to go with them now I did no more got up and left once we had arrived up the hospital with in minutes of him being in there he was rushed straight to a ward and I was told my baby would need a blood transfusion if the bloods come back to low they come back nd he was once notch away from having to have blood pumped threw his little body. The only sighns of his loss of iron was his pale completion sleepy and the amount of milk he drunk the hospital come and told me that he would have to be in hospital for a week and that if he would of even left another to weeks my beauty would of passed away they explained to me that his hair was falling out due to his organs collapsing in his little body. I'm righting this to make people aware because I'm a teen mum of 19 I live on my own with my little boy and it scared the living day lights out of me but I would like to shed some light on it so all you mums don't need to worry and to trust your instinct if you feel your baby is unwell hospital is the best place to go as the doctors will not follow out the proper examinations If your baby is not eating and drinking milk and looking very pale I would go to your doctor and ask for a refer all straight away low iron is not something to mess with and I have found that out My child could of passed away from a silly mistake on the doctours part and I believe everyone should at least take the time to read this and if you feel it apply to you get your little one up there x


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I just read something online and too much milk is also bad for your baby.
It says "Another big problem is that toddlers who drink too much milk are often at risk for iron deficiency anemia. This is usually because milk doesn't have any iron in it, and because if they fill up on milk, then they don't eat many other foods with iron either.

I recently saw a toddler with severe iron deficiency anemia, who ended up requiring a blood transfusion, and the problem ended up being that he was drinking too much milk and not eating enough healthy foods. The Pediatric Hematologists in our area say that they see it very often too."

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