My 17 month was born with Congenital Lobar Emphazema. Lots of stays at childrens hospital in millwaukee. Just something that happens once in a couple years. Its very rare. Long story short she had her left lung removed on her 2nd surgery riight around the time she turned one. She gets winded but is doing great. Im worried cause she only weighs 18lbs and shes 17 months. Shes on pediasure and eats what we do. I havent taken her off the bottle yet do to dr recomending we dont. They dont want her to loose any weight. So my concern is they put her on a antihistemene to stimulate her appetite. If this dont work there talking gtube. Im not taking that well she looks and has been so healthy with just her one lung. It has not set her back at all. Ive triedro extra butter adding powders everything im stuck. I want her chunky by may. Any ideas would help me greatly, im also wanting that bottle gone but the dr said shes fine using it cause its still her main food source. I love my kids i have four but we never once thought we would be so up tight with this one. I hate it when certain people pick her up still under her arm pits, even though me and her dad know shes good. Were so over protective. My older children are 14, 12, & 10. I was never this paronoid. I just want to know if anyone has a safe idea to get my little zoe bug chunked up a little?


Katherine - posted on 10/18/2011




Well, my 2.5 year old only weighs 23 lbs if that's any consolation. I would keep feeding her what you are. Is she really active? If she is then it's going to be hard to "chunk" her up. My daughter is and I can't get her to gain a pound for the life of me. The doctors aren't concerned though.

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