My 17 teen year old Daugther has left home, She tells us that she will be back after chilling with friends for awhile


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/28/2012




Sorry but I would be telling her your house is not a motel. If she wants to live there, great. If not, she needs to find another place to live. She is up to no good if she is 17 and "chillin with friends for a while".


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Amy - posted on 06/28/2012




I would look into the laws in your area, at 17 you are probably still responsible for her. You could try and treat her as a runaway, not sure though. If I were in your shoes I would find out legally if you are responsible for her actions. Regardless though I would certainly cut off the money and stop giving her a "silver spoon", because now she thinks she's entitled to it. I went through this somewhat with my parents, I started appreciating them again at 21 when I graduated college and was officially on my own.

Barbara - posted on 06/28/2012




What to do she will be 18 in Sept, She thinks that she is grown enough to tell us when she's coming back home,She lie's so much we can't trust her any more, I know that she gets high and that she smokes but at the same time it's always No I don't, we are getting to a point that we don't even want her to come back home, she has always been giving from a silver spoon, we feel that we play a part in her behaviors by giving her and being there for her in every way!! please someone talk to me help me see throught this point in my life, What is going to take for me to back off from her hurting us!!!

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