My 17 year old daughter moved in with her 17year old Boyfriend that I dislike so much because he and his family are heavy pot users and drinkers. My husband and I have been married for 22 years and have a 19 year old son. We have been good but strict parents, old fashion and "lame" as she calls us. we have tried for many years to keep our family together to have her understand the rules are not because we hate her. For the past two years she has been involved in drugs and alcohol mainly with her friends and boyfriend. We have gone to therapy, I send her to a rehab house for a month, more therapy, more addiction medicine and familyn therapy. Nothing has worked all I do is make her crazy according to her all I do is butt in her business and tell her to behave. I love her so much , I can't let her throw her life away but to see her cry ans scream at me for days how much she hates being at the house with us , just broke my heart for the last time. I feel that if it was just another type of life style I could accept it better but to see that she rather be with another family that can hardly make rent because they are potheads is very disappointing.


Katie Lee - posted on 12/02/2012




I know this seems extremely hard to accept but I'm speaking from my own experience as being a teenage daughter and from watching my older brother be the drug addicted teenage son. Sometimes the best thing is to show them that you care enough to let them make their own decisions. She will come to her own conclusions in her own time. It took my brother till he was 23 to realize how crappy his life style was but when he was younger and my dad kept pushing him to straighten up it only made my brother stay away.

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