My 17 year old son moved in with his girlfriend and his girl friends mom I need help, what can i do?

Tina - posted on 10/03/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Wow, My 17 year old son moved in with his girlfriends mom. There was no fighting, no drugs, He didnt like the rules, he did not like when he was late for cerfew i asked for a text so i knew he was safe. he didnt like that i took the controllers away to his xbox when he played so long he got eye blisters. He didnt just leave he was mean and when i say mean i mean cruel. he does well in school. Myself being a highs school drop out ( I had my son at 16) i and his step father (this man has been there since my son was 1) , also a high school drop out , stressed education, we pay substantial amount of RESP contributions every month for his university education . anyways he was cruel he talked about how I couldnt teach him how to graduate as i never did ( I did go back to get my GED, but thats a joke accourding to him) and I could never teach him how to get into University because I'm not smart enough and would never make it in University. So he left with saying other very very hurtful stuff.he didnt talk to me for 11 days. i was so destroyed, i mean desryoed, i was broken, AM broken this is day 12. I have been given anti depressants, i struggle to cope, to eat to breathe. Everyone tells me I gave him a good life, we dont smoke, drink, do drugs, he had supper home on the table every night, a ride anywhere he wanted to go. I am so hurt that he is choosing the hard road. HERE IS THE KICKER......he meets me for coffee last night (first visit) and says him and his

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