My 17 yrs daughter has suicidal thoughts, please help..

Soraya - posted on 05/01/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 17 yrs old daughter has suicidal thoughts and trying to hang her self 3 week ago while I'm not home. She's not wanting go to school anymore and socialize with her friends. She's playing Sim and watching TV all day, lost her appetite, has anxiety on and off, and depression.

I take her to see the psychiatry and psychology, but the improvement is very little.

She told me that her biggest dilemma is the school project and her sibling,

I do my best to make things better for her, and heal her mental problem,

She was a straight A student , very energetic and has many she's the opposite :(

Please help me. What else I should do to save her life?


Dove - posted on 05/01/2013




How often does she go to counseling? She may need inpatient care for a while, but I don't know if you have that available where you live. YOU can't save her, unfortunately, she has to want to save herself and may need intense professional care in order to get to the point of WANTING to save herself.

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You need to see if someone is possibly bullying her. Ask her. If they are you need to take it up with the school councler and principal. In the mean time try to sit down with her after school each day and ask her how her day was. Also see if the school councler can meet with her 2-3 times a week and see if maybe speaking to him/her will help. Please watch out for self harm at this age it is very common.

Jen - posted on 05/01/2013




I don't know if this will help, but I would take her somewhere for the weekend, like a cabin or park area, and spend every minute together, go walk thru the forest? So walk thru a field, and sit down in the middle of know where and listen. Listen!


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Soraya - posted on 05/02/2013




thank you for your respond Courtney, She said no one bullied her, I try to make her open up, but so far she not talking much about what really bothering her,
Me and My husband is processing divorce, I ask her if that the problem, she said no,

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