My 18 year old Daughter has run away

Lesa - posted on 07/24/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




On June 9th our daughter turned 18 and moved out of our home with the assistance of my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. Our daughter has a year of high school to finish,no job,no car,no license. She believes we have been too strict with not letting her do things.. Not letting her wear some clothes (things that did not fit school dress code. Having a curfew ect.

Our daughter trusts everyone. She is immature for her age which happens with kids who have ADHD. We have had limited text contact with her In the last six weeks but now she has cut that as well. I can't get past how we are never going to see her again and she says we are no longer a part of her life.

She is living with a family across the river from us in another city. We have no address or contact information. She uses the place she is living as a jump pad to go other places. In her first three weeks out she had stayed in six different homes. My mother in law is funding our daughters gyros days. I have lost 26 pounds and feel desperate to see her which only makes the problem worse. I will never see my daughter again and it's not because she is dead, it is because she chooses to not be around us.

There is no talking to the mother in law..and most of the family has turned against us. I'm not sure of all our daughter has accused us of but it must be bad. It is so hard to be not able to talk reasonably to our child and then on top of it to be betrayed by family. Most days I really wish I were dead. Some of the family is receptive most won't talk to us unless they are attacking.

Our home is quiet and we go about our business.. But there is a hole in my heart and I fail constantly with how I am advised to communicate with her by our counselor. I have painted her room and boxed her few things that are left up in hope that not looking at her things will make me feel better.. No it just feels mor final. I so wanted to see her finish high school, help her get her license, get to see her senior pictures, prom, I live it third hand through friends who take screen shots of my daughters facebook page if they see something my daughter posted that she was happy about,

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