my 18 year old daughter won't let me help with her depression

Sylvia - posted on 03/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I daughter has been battling depression,anxiety,and ptsd since age 13. One week before her 18th birthday she took a handful of pills and spent a week in a mental hospital. It has only been 2 months but has turned 18 and feels she is a legal adult now. She will not keep her therapy appointments or take her mess right. She will not let me help her. She is a senior in high school and still lives at home and I'm afraid if I push too hard she will not graduate. I fear she would quit school and marry her boyfriend just to be able to leave home. She is making the whole family miserable with the mood swings.we are counting down the days to graduation then I feel I'll have to let her go. For my own mental health. She doesn't have the skills to make adult discussions. She had a horrible thing happen to her at 13 and at times I think mentally she acts that age. She never embraced therapy and has abused meds to dull her pain so except for zoloft we do not trust her with any meds. I fear she will hurt herself again or marry a lower and not have a future but in my state at 18 they can make decisions on their own. Am I just too controlling? Anybody have any advise that I may can convince her to get help?


Ev - posted on 03/24/2014




ACtually, Sylvia, at 18 in the United States, any kid who is of this age can make their own choices regarding meds they take, therapy appointments they make or do not make, whom they marry, if they go to school or not and so on. There is not much you can say to her except that she needs to follow house rules if she plans to live there and she has to also take her meds, go to therapy, and such or she can move out. Let her make her choices, even though she is mentally the age of 13 in your eyes. Have you tried to commit her before this for help?

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