My 18 year old son is depressed over a recent break up and I am worried. He doesn't sleep at night and cries a lot and doesn't want to eat.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/18/2014




How did you handle things at that age?

Let him know that you understand that it's tough, but ultimately, he needs to pick himself up and move forward.

You and I both know (as parents, and having been around that block) that when the "right" one comes along, he'll know it. She obviously wasn't it.

Its basically the same advice you'd be giving to one of your good friends in the same boat, a bit of tough love, maybe, because you can't fix it, and he does need to move forward. Make sure you pump his self esteem, because its pretty low right now, but remind him that he's got his whole life ahead, and the right person will enter it when it's time.

I can't give you verbatim, because my kids work better with sarcasm and the like when they are hurt, so we tend to get a bit strange in these types of conversations...LOL.

I know you want to hug him and never let anyone hurt him again, but he's an adult now, mom, and broken hearts are part of that, as much as they suck rocks...


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Michelle - posted on 11/19/2014




Thank you for your advice. I have been where he is and I even ended up marring him, then divorcing him. He was cheated on and so was I. I have supported him and even stay up all night if he wants to talk. She has moved on to a guy and that is what's breaking his heart. If only he would understand that one day this will pass. I am praying constantly and believe in my heart this break up is for the best.

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