my 18 year old son with adhd has violent outbursts

Sarah - posted on 09/17/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




my son was diagnosed 18 months ago with adhd, and has been going out more drinking alcohol and resulting in fights, however yesterday he hit his dad whilst in a fight with a group of other people, he is very sorry, however he does not seem to want to change his behaviour, he is currently not working and although i recommend various things to difuse the anger - it falls on deaf ears - he lives at home with us. He is 18 years of age and has been arrested 3 times this year. I wanted him to leave however the police have encouraged me to allow him to remain at home and try and get some outside support, I would appreciate any support and advice as I am just always upset


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/17/2016




who is providing him with alcohol? If you're in the US, it's illegal, and needs to be prosecuted. If he gets arrested, let him sit in jail! He can figure out how to get the funds to get an attorney, and get through his court dates.

You aren't doing him any favors by picking him up, brushing him off, a nd letting him go. You need to charge him rent. So what if he doesn't have a job, he can mow friggin lawns to contribute for his expenses. My 18 YO has been paying rent since it was confirmed he graduated, and he doesn't have a job either, but using every last cent on room/board, he has been encouraged to get one, and has actively been trying rather than sitting on his ass.

The drinking? NO GO in my home, NO WAY. Under 21, in the US is illegal. Yeah, once in a GREAT WHILE will my husband do a shot with his boys...only AFTER they turned 18, and ONLY in our home, and ONLY one shot, not belligerent drunkenness

Put your foot down, tell him that he either A) submits to occupational therapy and gets himself on a good path where he's contributing to the home, being a productive citizen, etc, or B) gets out in 30days, and you will love him unconditionally, but will not support him and will not allow him back unless he meets the conditions of A.

Betty - posted on 09/17/2016




Yes there is something he needs to get off his chest maybe the judge can mandate him to anger management counselling change his diet

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