my 18 yr old daughter and her true love was on there way to the lake one morning .Her father and 2 sisters were infront of them because they had to leave early to go to work there evening shift they took a sep car...her father had turned left to cross a 2 lane hyw to get on the interstate and with them following they tried to cross as well and thats when my daughters door was crushed and she was thrown in the back seat.her dad and sisters seen it all they slammed the truck in park and ran to her were my 17 yr old jump in the back seat with her as her dad was calling for help..Her boyfriend jumped out in shock and as my 17 yr old raised my 18 yr old head up she seen blood comeing from her nose some how she ended up on the ground were she took her last breath in my daughter arms.They were so close to age they werent just sister but truly best friends...It was a week before both my daughters graduated and a day before she was getting promoted at work.Its been 9 yrs now but it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever sense I got to hear her voice. Ive tried so hard to be strong for the other girls but I have a problem and I dont no how to deal with it..If I see blue lites which happens often I freak out I have to call me kidds and the man im seeing to make sure they are ok and if they dont answere right away I panic really really bad till I do no there ok.and there are days I call to make sure they made it to work or back and forth home . I just have to know they are ok.Its driveing me crazy and I know it bothers them to be in the mid and late 20s and have there momma chking on them all the time and the man im dateing I have to no he made it to work and home ok..I fill as if maybe he thinks I dont believe him or have trust but that has absolutely nothing to do with it.I dont no how to control this I dont no what to do.i sit and cry because I no I fill like a crazy person and they prob think I am..both drivers were un harmed. .And it took me 9 yrs to tell my daughter bf that I forgive him..I just sat here with all the hate and really wishing the worse for him till I finally thought .I couldnt imagine every time he closes his eyes how he has to hear her scream and I needed him to have a little peace.I also thought it would help has in a little way but not much.Does anyone have any advise?


Raye - posted on 02/12/2015




Seek therapy, or talk to your pastor, or talk to a trusted friend to try to get over all this stuff. You need to get all the emotions and fear out of you. It's good that you were able to forgive the boyfriend. I'm sure he's been in his own private hell since the accident. It was just an accident. It is okay to worry that your loved ones are safe, but you can't let the fear take over. You'll end up pushing people away, which I know is not your intent and would make you even more upset. We can't help you long term. You need to find someone you can talk to face to face and get over this tragic loss.

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