My 18 yr son - New Jersey

Susy - posted on 03/10/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a situation with my son and don't know what to do. Going to see an attorney this week for advice.

He has totaled 3 cars in 10 months all due to usage of cell phone. 2 of the cars I bought him. He constantly speeds when driving was stopped by the cops 2 weeks ago. He's still on probationary license and has 12 points right now waiting for court date. Being he drives to school 45 minutes I paid an attorney to represent him in court 2,075. The consequence was he was not allowed to use the car except school and work which he works 4 days 4-9 pm delivering Chinese. Well. It's seems he doesn't care about that rule. He goes out and comes when ever he wants not telling me where he's at.
Not only that but this past Thursday. Being he was out all afternoon when he wasn't suppose to once he got home at 8 pm I asked for his car keys. Although I paid for the car and insurance it is in his name. He sneaked out at 10 pm. I heard my front door close go see if he was outside smoking I see hi. Dress up across the street and I then screamed his name. When he saw I saw him he started running down the block and me after him he got inside friends car took off. He went clubbing drinking all night got home at 10 am on Friday. When he got home he asked me for his car keys. I didn't want give it to him it got confrontational and I had to call the cops. I canceled the insurance but he called back and got them to redo stated via my debit card and cops made me give his car keys because it's in his name.
Today is Monday. He has been out until 2 am every night and last night he got home from work at 9:45 left the house again. I locked hi. Out. He tried to get in at 4 am.
I'm a single mom getting child support for him so he's not emancipated and my divorce attorney says I can't throw him out the house because he's still consider a minor being he's not emancipated.
Spoke to another attorney and I can throw him out bug the court will make me and his father then pay for his college and living expense.

This doesn't make any sense to me. So I have to keep supporting him although I kicked him out because his behavior?

Not to mention. I found pot and ecstasy in his room.

He cursed at me and my boyfriend. He's room is always disgusting.

Help... Has anyone thrown his or hers 18 ur old out but they're full time college student and not emancipated. If so what will happen?

I'm taking anxiety pills to deal with all this. Not sleeping. My 9 ur old daughter cries from seeing me crying and from all the arguments

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