My 18 yrs old walk away from home πŸ˜ͺ

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Hello all,
I need some advise! My 18 yrs old just walked out of our house after having a disagreement with my husband. She has a 21 yrs old boyfriend and we don't really like him. Who are we to judge but we are just looking out for her welfare. We care deeply for our daughter and we don't want her make a big mistake in getting involved with this guy. My daughter is a smart girl and her and I were able to discuss anything in the past until this guy came along in her life. When she told us that she was leaving home I took her phone, car and computer away. I just want her to realize how hard it is to be out there of not having the necessity she is used to. I know that she had been staying with this guys for the last few days but I really miss her. I had called her boyfriend and see how she is doing and apparently she is doing fine. I want her home!! What should I do? Please advice! Thank u😘


Dove - posted on 02/11/2016




She's legally an adult, so all you can do is treat her like an adult. If she does not pay for her phone, car, and computer it is fine for you to keep those items... if she does pay for them then they belong to her.

Trust that you have raised her well and it's time to let her try out life on her own. Let her know that she is welcome to return home anytime she wants (w/ a rental arrangement like you would have for any adult you allow to live in your home) and that you love her and want to maintain a good relationship w/ her even if she is not living at home.

Sarah - posted on 02/11/2016




There is nothing you can do but leave the door open for her to return. If she wants to live like a grown up, then that includes footing the bill for her own phone, car and computer. Trust that you raised her to make safe choices and hope for the best.


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