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My 19 month-old daughter eats nothing at all now. She used to eat some solid before but now its completely dropped. She is mainly on milk diet (that too is reduced to 50% of what she usually drank). I have tried feeding her almost everything, right from snacks like chips, biscuits, pancrocs, dar-vida to jar-food to rice, pasta, noodles to veggies, soups, juices, fruits, name it, n i hv tried them all. Every morning is a challenge for me to feed her. I lay atleast 6 dishes before here in every meal. Since she doesn't eat much, I try n feed her something or the other in between meals in small intervals, with a hope that now she would eat. But more than anything, it seems like she is getting stubborn and rigid and refuse for anything I have to offer. I have exhausted all the possibilities of any infection or teething or anything else. She is highly active but her eating doesn't match with her physical exercise. Her weight is also on the border line. I am worried that not eating may reduce her weight and affect her health. Even the doctors have no answer to this. It is a pain to see my child not eating.


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I know it's hard, but like the other two ladies said, kids will NOT starve themselves. She'll eat when she's hungry. Keep the offerings going, she may be a 'grazer' like some kids, or she may settle to 3 meals a day at some point.

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My daughter is a grazer she eats a little throughout the day and rarely sits to eat a meal. I leave healthy snacks and food out for her to eat when she's hungry, like little miss said she's not going to starve herself she'll eat when she's hungry. See your doctor if you're really concerned, and could her lack if eating be because she's teething?

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Kids will not starve themselves. When she is hungry she will eat. If you are really concerned, or think there is something else underlying going on, have the doctor see her. They may give you some recommendations.

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