My 19 month old will only eat selective food - please help me

Shanelle - posted on 03/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I hope that you are well today. I came across your blog whilst searching for ideas on how to improve my 19 month old little girls eating habbits. My family and I are from South Africa.

My little girl transitioned very well from milk to cereal to pureed foods. She used to eat off our plates and want to try different foods. This all suddenly stopped when she was 15 months of age. She now refuses for us to feed her any of the foods that she used to like including the home made semi pureed food that she used to eat. She cries and screams if she sees us coming at her with a spoon. She loves to feed herself tough. She only eats certain foods and that’s my concern. She refuses to try fruit but has made an attempt to eat sweet corn.

Foods that she will eat:
- Cooked plain rice, noodles, sphagetti, macaroni
- Anything crunchy like cheese puffs but shes not a fan of biscuits
- Rice with a bit of curry on it

I’ve been trying with viennas and soya sausage as well. She takes a few bites but not much more. Im afraid that shes not chewing well too. She will eat the rice one grain at a time. I think she does this so that she can just swallow it without chewing and it makes it easier for her.

Please help me. I think that I’m slowly going insane.


Michelle - posted on 03/28/2014




If you have concerns about her chewing then you should see your doctor.
As far as the different foods are concerned, it takes most children about 10 times of trying something to like it. Keep offering her different foods but make sure you get her swallowing checked as well.

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