My 19 year old daughter still does not get along with her step-father after our 15 years of marriage.

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My new husband and I married 15 years ago - when my daughter was young. We have primary custody and she does visit her real Dad occasionally but the relationship with him is not perfect either. My daughter is in her 1st year of college and lives at home with us. My husband and I share a son, as well, and my son and my daughter get along fine. Anything my husband says to my daughter she finds a way to get mad, cry, and/or take offense to it. She says she never has liked him - she says he does not love her. She only tolerates him for my sake. He has been nothing but nice to her and me! He gave her is car to drive, her college is paid for and she always has money to spend. They don't argue but simply do not talk to each other. My husband makes an effort to speak and say "how was your day" and she does not engage in a lengthy conversation ever with him. He ask her nicely to not do something last night and she ended up coming back with "clean your mess up" and "get over yourself" to him. He ended up leaving the room. She ended up crying and saying she hates him, etc... Is there any hope for us?


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Considering that this should have been addressed with family counseling starting around 15 years ago...

I would recommend that he & she get some counseling.

But, also remember that she is an adult now, and if she doesn't like her situation, she can make the choices and take the steps to change it as well.

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