My 19 year old son traveling and not calling home ?

Robbin - posted on 07/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was an exchabge student during his junior high school year in Australia , he blossomed and got the bug to travel after he had graduated. He worked very hard during the summer to save for a gap year of traveling .He paid for his own VISA /Work passport. So I was in agreement with him , and he was 18 .I put him on a plane ~ it was really really hard for me ,as I knew that I had to be brave in letting him go and have faith . He was to meet his host family for a bit ( my son and I in contact ) Then he decided to take off and explore - I luckily had his banking account information and tracked his whereabouts as well as the host family knew too . But in time he furthered his adventures . Also deciding on getting a cheap cell phone there and not using his smart phone as that got destroyed in a rainstorm. I could call , and as a Mum I did often . Well trying to cut to the chase here - He kept his important papers ,Passport and such with him .But misfortune struck ,his laptop , cell ~ stolen , and debit card compromised. I had to do a lot of digging with the banks and finally was able to get his $ wired to him. I also was able to find out with the with the wonderful Nossa police in Australisa that he had come in to report his stuff and that he was alright .A bit of a surfer hippie , as he lives on the beach with many other traveling companions . The police told my son to call , because I was very worried ~ rightfully so as I had found out through e mail that his belongings had washed upon the shore.I thought my beautiful son was hurt or gone .I am fine with hippie , but at some point , I hope he tires of this lifestyle .Last time we had a voice conversation was 2 months ago - telling me he was traveling to Sweden , end of June , and planning to work with a new friend . He also said he was going to withdraw all Hus $ and he said he did not want me to give him any more money - but promised he would call if emergency.So my last e mail from him was over a month ago . He told me he loved me was happy , and well - no worries ,and that he stays safe . He is living off the grid with his French flower child girlfriend . I managed to get a message to her via FB - she sent a quick response , thank you and she thinks my son is great - What I wanted to hear was where and what my son's was I have also sent him FB messages - Please contact your Mum to let me know what his plans where and such ,at least once a month . So I could know you are okay .No one has heard from him , friends host family or his California Mum has - The quick message and picture was on June 20 from girlfriend's FB that I managed to track .I'm worried sick , feel sad and overwhelmed with fear , saddness ,anxiety .I live my only son and pray he will contact me . My question that I have been struggling with is - Do U fly out there and find him ? Or do I send out a broadcast through the Australian police ? Very intense - I lean towards have faith and trust in him , which he pleaded with me to do . I am 55 and a very sad Mum now - any advice I would appreciate . Thank you kindly .Worried Mum

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