My 1year old has a major attitude, what do I do?

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My daughter is almost 13months old and I swear two weeks before her birthday she just turned into this child I didn't recognize. I know she knows when I tell her no or to no do anything. I also know we have SPOILED her, she's our first and is just so dang cute! how could you not! But now I realize she has got to start listening. She listens to her dad the second he uses his stern voice, but with me she just looks at me and then keeps doing it. I know she knows what I'm telling her she just chooses not to listen. I don't want to be that mom! How do we get her to start listening and break this attitude she's got going on, without crushing her personality and being too mean??


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She's a can't spoil a baby. She is old enough to start disciplining her however. At this age they start to show independence and test the grounds. She's not going to just listen overnight either, my 2.5 year old is still trying to do what she wants!
This is a site that has hundreds of positive discipline techniques. I love dr sears emencly. He teaches how to address common toddler milestones in a positive light without "crushing a childs spirit".


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She's not spoiled. She's a baby. And now it's time for you to start teaching her right from wrong. It's never easy and kids will always listen more to their Dad's stern voice than their Mum's. You have done nothing wrong, this is all a normal part of growing from a baby to a toddler. Just remember that once you have chosen your method of teaching/discipline you must remain consistent and you mustn't give in. In saying that though, "pick your battles". It really isn't worth the drama and aggro to fight over some things. If it is a matter of safety, then stick to your guns and insist on her obedience, but if it's just an argument which pair of shoes to wear then let it go.
Time out is a good method, but make sure you read up about how to do it properly so that it works for you. Also, redirection works well for little kids. Take her mind off what ever the wrong thing is that she is doing and direct her to a more acceptable activity. Sometimes they know that you don't want them to do something but they don't know that it is wrong or dangerous, so keep that in mind when you start to feel angry with her.
But always remember to stay consistent.

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i had the same problem.. put her on a time out. one minute for every year old they are. if she is doing something she isnt suppose to, tell her not to once, and if she still dosent listen immediately put her in a time out. she will be mad. after her min is up ask if she is going to be a good girl and let her go play.. keep repeating the process, it will take a few times but she will eventually understand that if she dosent listen she gets a time out. now usually all i have to do is ask my daughter if shes gonna be a good girl and she says yes and stops being naughty

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