my 1yr old son is concepatied he cant go its been 3 days he wont eat nor drink what do we do


Beata - posted on 04/10/2014




My son had the same kinds of problem when he was a baby. There is all natural suppository for babies you can help him with first. Belly and lower back massages help, then once he has releif you can give hime electrolytes for kids to make sure he stays hydrated. He doesn't feel like eating or drinking because he is probably really backed up. Brown sugar with warm water to drink helps soften the stool as well. First releive him with the suppository... make sure his intestines don't get damaged by the toxins his body is holding on to and can't dispose of. Let a doctor check him out, he might have intolerance to something and his body cannot break it down. Hope everything goes well!

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