My 1yr old son's foreskin is sealed ovr his penis, please help?

Amanda - posted on 12/07/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )



0 1 yr old son's foreskin is sealed over the head of his penis,leaving a very tiny hole for him 2 urinate. is this normal? when he was younger, i was able to see the head of his penis a little & now i cant see it at all.

he doesnt seem to have any problems urinating or pains or discomfort. i've read tht the foreskin doesnt begin retracting untill age 3....but tht's in the case of a 'tight foreskin' would my son's situation be considered as a 'tight foreskin' or is being 'sealed over' totally different?? does this mean a circumcision? :-(

this is my first child & i have zero experience with this type of situation.

would appreciate some feed back


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Maggie - posted on 05/31/2014




This is normal. He will retract his own foreskin when he is ready. This will start as early as three years of age. Please do not try to retract his foreskin before that. You can cause pain, damage and infection this way.

Amanda - posted on 12/08/2012




hi michelle.....thanks so much for the response.

i've heard abt the cream for the 'tight foreskin' & i've also read tht the average age for the 'foreskin retraction' is by age 3 but my main concern & question is..... is a 'tight foreskin' the same as the foreskin being sealed over the head of the penis?? i dont know what a 'tight foreskin' looks like. im so worried tht he'll have to have a circumcision.

his doc's appt is nxt mth but in the mean time, im trying to gather my own info

Michelle - posted on 12/08/2012




My oldest son had a tight foreskin and I was given a cream to apply to get it to stretch a bit. It worked and we avoided the circumcision. It doesn't work for everyone so you should really see a doctor and get a professional opinion.

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