my 2.5 year old daughter wakes up at 3 or 4 am and wont go back to bed.

Lisa - posted on 03/05/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I need help with getting my 2 and a half year old to go back to bed after getting up to go to the potty. Im very prod of her for getting up to pee but she wont go back to bed with out a fight and most times she wakes my 6.5 month old son who sleeps untill 630. What can I do to make her go back to bed without a fight?


Betty - posted on 03/05/2011




From a grandmother who raised her kids in a different era - prevention is the key. Don't give your child liquids just before bedtime and get her to go potty just before she goes to bed. Will save you a lot of sleepless nights.


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My suggestion is, like Betty says, don't give her liquids right before bed, then have her go potty the last thing before bed. Also, your daughter has trained herself to wake up at 3 a.m, so you'll have to re-train her. If she wakes up to go potty, go ahead and take her, but don't talk to her, or turn on bright lights. She can't fight with you if you don't talk to her. When she is done going potty, pick her up and put her back in bed and tuck her in, but don't speak to her. If she gets out of bed, then keep putting her back immediately without speaking. You might also try putting her in bed, tucking her in and sitting at the foot of her bed. Look down, not at her. As soon as those little feet hit the floor, put her back in bed. You may have to repeat this for a while the first night, but each subsequent night will be quicker once she finds out that she is not going to get any response and she gets put right back to bed.

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I don't have this problem yet since my daughter is only 4 months old, but I do wake up to go pee around that time, and if the lights are turned on fully as another said it will fully wake me up and it takes FOREVER for me to get back to sleep. SO to fix this, we have a nightlight in the washroom, we leave the bathroom door open (right across from our bedroom) and so when I get up to pee I can just wander my way there, while still seeing and do my business than pass right back out again. I got the nightlight when I was pregnant and it has been a lifesaver ever since. Maybe even letting her come back to bed with you? The last couple of hours of sleep really wouldn't get her expecting to stay with you all night... unless that's just out of the question.

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I guess I am the mean one..."Go back to bed now, it's too freaking early even for mommy" that is what my now 4.5 year old gets and has gotten since he was 2ish. It works because I am soooo not a morning person as it is so I am really REALLY not a 3 or 4 am person. Now our son wakes up daddy if he needs anything or just goes back to bed.

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My husband added one more thing that I do instinctively and didn't think about: giving a game plan right at the beginning. Before you get her out of bed, tell her something like "I'll take you to the potty, but we're coming right back to bed when we're done." and remind her several times over the course of it, so that it doesn't surprise even a 2 yr old's attention span.

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With my 2 and a half year old, it helps to redo at least some of the bedtime routine. I also don't make it bright, I turn on the hall light rather than the bathroom light so there's enough light to see but not enough to wake her up fully. If I'm really struggling with her, it helps to let her see outside and explain that it's still night time and we need to sleep. Otherwise, I agree with Betty. This one will sometimes sneak a drink after "last drinks" time and she'll wake up to pee, but that has worked with our kids.

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