My 2 month old wont nap unless I'm holding her. If I put her down she will sleep for 10-30 minutes then awake. I bought an expensive swing that goes different directions and hugs her body, but it only works at night.


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Tabitha - posted on 05/10/2012




After she sleeps for 10-30 minutes, does she wake up crying? Or does she just wake up and lay there? If she's not cryin, just let her be. She'll sleep when she's tired.

Alison - posted on 05/10/2012




I think 2 months was the age where I started letting my daughter go to sleep by herself. When she was sleepy, I would just lay her down in her bed and leave her alone and she went to sleep on her own. The key is to do it at just the right time.

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My daughter was like this early in her life too. I basically resigned myself to it in the early days and would sit and cuddle her while she took little naps. As she got older I got her used to napping in her cot and eventually she was taking two good naps a day in her own cot. It's hard when they are very young, Katherine's advice is good, and that will help you get her used to sleeping on her own. Good luck, you'll get there :-)

Katherine - posted on 05/06/2012




Don't put her down while she is fully asleep. Put her down while she is still awake a little. Then rub her tummy or something for a bit. Mine never slept. They still really don't and they're 6 and 3. I have come to the conclusion I'll never sleep again lol.

No but really, she is probably used to you holding her. Put her down.

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