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my 2 year old starts throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, like when we go into a supermarket she wants to jump out of the trolley if we in the market for more than 2 hours she gets restless and if i take her out she starts running then my husband and i don't end up finishing our shopping and we end up fighting in the end, she has a habit of just falling on the floor and crying, screaming and crying, i used to ignore her but then she comes up to me to hit me or give me a slap. Its really getting frustrating because we cannot go with her anywhere because she sumtyms causes a scene, and we intend end up leaving the place, is she like this because she's lonely and doesn't have friends to play with, she is the only child and stays at home with the nanny. PLEASE HELP A DESPERATE MOTHER. because i get frustrated and only want to hit her.


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Amy - posted on 12/14/2012




2 hours would be a long time for my 6 year old let alone my daughter. When doing stuff with a toddler you need a game plan on how to get stuff done with the shortest amount of time, if your going to be over an hour you should have food and toys to distract your little one. Do not run errands around nap time or times of the day when you know your little one is tired. When your shopping give her jobs to do like tossing the groceries in the basket.

Michelle - posted on 12/14/2012




2 hours is long time to expect a 2yo to sit still. I manage to do my grocery shopping in 30 mins. I know what I want and what isle it's in and I don't mess around, that way I avoid the tantrums. I have 3 children (11,8.5 & 2.5) and only go grocery shopping with my youngest now.

You need to shorten the time that you are doing your shopping or maybe break it up to keep her interested.

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