my 2 year old daughter doesn't want to eat more than nibble a few bites, I worry about her getting enough calories♡

Liana - posted on 02/27/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I feel like some of the reason she won't eat is boredom and I try everything to fix that.
And oddly enough I see that she won't eat just cuz I want her to. She is definitely hungry but wants to do the opposite of what I ask.
And she is still having to be forced to eat some jars of baby food just to get some calories in her when she won't eat regular food (I've tried many foods and made it so fun to eat it) I start to feel nervous throughout the day if she hasn't eaten, how am I going to get some calories in her! She's lost 1 & a half lbs since she was 12 months old, hasn't gained since then obviously. And she runs around burning calories all day!
I worry about this problem.
Have you had similar issues?

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