My 2 year old girl wakes up scared to death and refuses to go back in

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My 2 year old girl has always been a very good sleeper, from 7:30pm-8pm till 7am the next morning, I think its vile and totally wrong to leave your baby to cry it out! I've never done this the only time I did was when she was 4months of age as this is the process of them getting used to bedtime routine she took to it well but I only ever let her maximum cry for ten minutes ONLY! My midwife health visitor and doctor recommended to only let a baby cry for ten minutes max and if they are still crying after ten minutes then there is a problem and you must go to there aid straight away, i done this and she took to her sleeping reunite really well, but when she was 6 months old and was in her cot one night, she screamed so loud I'd never forget that scream, I changed her bum, tried feeding her a bottle of milk or water, tryed rocking her, cuddling her but this made her worse ahw just wanted out of her cot and room, she was red tears and extremely distressed, we put her in our bed and would settle for ten mins then went to sleep this happened at this age 3 times, I was worried she wouldn't get back in her cot, when I tryed putting her in the cot at bedtime she would cry, so me n my partner let her fall asleep down stairs with us and then carry her up to her cot and she would stay asleep, so now she's 2 and I can recall a few times her waking up screaming prettified and having the same problem from when she was 4months old .. I just thought she was having nightmares and would get her straight away and put her in our bed reason being she is fighting scratching tormented and would not let u comfort her even in her bed i lay there no good made it worse just wanted out of her room again!! Everytime this happens she's generally so scared I started to worry about a spirit maybe could be waking her .. So our of the blue one day I was looking on google street view and of corse looked up our house, then that's when I couldn't believe my eyes! And what I saw in her bedroom window from a distinct view I thought I could see a black figure, so I zoomed into her window and to my surprise there was a figure but this figure looks mean evil and not human, it looked clownish it freaked me out!! I put it up on my social media Facebook page to see if I wasn't just seeing things and if anyone alse could see what I could see, unfortunately yes people could see this and are now telling me to call in a medium, Baptist, or priest, but my partner doesn't believe it and says its just a fuzzy picture! I'm scared and worried for my girl as ever since I've seen this image, she's been Woking up tormented again but this time more intense and I even saw her looking behind me when I looked nothing was there but clearly I'm most curtain she is getting woken up by this evil sprit can any other mother's give me abit of advice or has any mother's had this kind of experience ? I don't know what to do where my partner doesn't believe it is anything to do with a spirit please help!!


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If you believe there is an evil spirit bothering your child, then what harm is there is having a priest come to do a house blessing? My husband is Jewish and does not believe in the same faith as I but when we moved into our new home we had it blessed. It isn't going to hurt anyone or anything.
There could be other explanations for your child's sleep disruptions, probably a nightmare. If it isn't happening often then you can chalk it up to part of being a toddler. Ultimately you should do what will give you peace of mind. If your partner doesn't agree, then he/she does not have to participate.

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