my 2 year old some keeps getting staph infections he has been getting them since he was about 11 mon


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My husband has MRSA...I contain it with cleaning.
I love cleans and disinfects instantly. Bleach has to sit ON the surface WET for TEN MINUTES to kill Staph....93% alcohol kills it instantly. If you buy the bigger bottles a regular spray bottle nozzle will screw right on.
I wash my hands in Antibacterial soap obsessively. After each diaper, after each nose wipe.
Staph is harbored in the NOSE. If you will take a little qtip, wipe a tiny bit of neosporin on it and wipe the inside of the nose (just enough to leave a thin layer) the plain old triple antibiotic ointment can fight away the Staph...if you do this like 3 times a day for a MONTH. (How bad do you want it gone?)
I suggest treating everyone in the house. Mama, Daddy, baby, everybody.
I wipe my toilet seat obsessively with alcohol. Door knobs, sink faucets, the bath tub, the phone, the handle on the fridge. The front door knob, the remote. Everything in my house that gets touched...gets sprayed with alcohol and wiped.
Take out the nice smelling bath soaps and bathe ONLY in antibacterial soap. I really like the foaming pump rinses off really fast, with no residue. If you absolutely HAVE to smell like the Dove soap before you get out...bathe in Antibacterial soap first and THEN use your perfumed soap/shampoo.
Buy a few nail brushes at the dollar store and put them beside EVERY bottle of Antibacterial soap at EVERY sink. Use the nail brushes with the soap...nasty germs can hide under your nails...even if you just washed your hands.
I use white sheets, white towels, white rags. Everything is white so I can bleach it in hot water each time I wash. Those dark blue towels are really pretty...they match the paint perfectly...but I can't sanitize those towels...they stay on the wall for pretty. The stuff we USE...gets bleached. Often.

Ultimately...Staph is harbored in the nose. Use the triple antibiotic ointment religiously...and clean your home obsessively!
Dogs, cats, rabbits, and even fish can carry and transfer Staph. My best friend has a 17 year old Poodle who carries Staph...he just had a nasty boil burst from the side of his face. We really had to work to keep the dog contained and NOT let him itch his face on the blankets, furniture or carpet. Watch your family pet for any boils and treat them immediately...your pets can spread Staph around your home too.


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Cassie - its not your fault don't feel bad it was more than likely you originally picked up from a public place we all carry staph just most of the time it doesn't hurt us and 9 times out of 10 its someone else's staph that makes you sick especially in hospitals...and i might add my son has strep on his tonsils i only just re-read it now

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When i was 7 months pregnant i ended up getting mrsa ! I freaked out and i was so worried about my baby. I got some relieve when my dr told me that my blood and the babys blood never mixes...well my daughter is now 19 months old and she has mrsa ! I felt like i was a bad mom because she ended up with mrsa. I took her to the er and got her treated. she is now on Bactrim and it keeps from the boils coming back..I cry about it all the time i feel so bad for her. but i totally agree with Ink Ette..CLEAN EVERYTHING and get everyone in that home checked. she gave you ALOT of info. best of luck to you !!

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my son currently has tonnsillitis that is now believed to be staph (no idea how he got it but anyway) we're getting them removed. we have recently had a spate of nasty school sores and my son and i both used bactroban on them. alcohol is good my mum brings home alcowipes from the hospital to use on hands but ive recently gone to antibacterial soap (not the alcoholic ones they case an allergic reaction on my hands) i also tend to clean with vodka highly effective stuff

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I just thought of more....

Any tissue that is used to blow your nose...wipe a boogie...the qtips with Neosporin on them...anything that went near your nose...should be SOOO thrown away! I only use the trashcans with a lid. I do NOT let my child play near trashcans. They are all either inside a locked cabinet...or placed up high on a shelf he can't reach. Those dirty nose-tissues are EVIL! Treat those as if they had poo in them.

Another thing I love about the alcohol is a micro-orbital inhibitor. That means the alcohol is not only killing germs on the surface you've just is also misting into the air and killing germs in the air too. At 85 cents a goes much further than any Lysol or bleach...and it kills the germs faster than either of the others. (read the bottles, they want the liquid to sit wet on the item for ten minutes before they consider it clean.)

Get really picky about people touching their nose (harhar pardon the pun hehe) If someone so much as scratches their nose with the back of their hand....freak out about it. Send them to the bathroom for a tissue...and then a hand washing. Your NOSE is where the infection is coming from.

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i dnt kno y he does keep getn them and i wanted to kno y
does anyone know y he could keep getn them

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