My 2 Year old son and my 3 year old stepson is always fighting what can i do to make things better and stop the fighting?


Rebekah - posted on 01/02/2013




Find something to do together that is of common interest to them both so they can bond over it :) - Feeding ducks at the park maybe? Or get them some games to play together that aren't competitive - like a jigsaw or something they can build together - then they have an end result that they achieved together :) - maybe a star chart so when they don't fight or stop fighting they get a star - when they have 20 stars they get a small reward - best to be a small item though as things like letting one stay up 10 mins past bedtime will probably result in the other one resenting him..mum used to have black spider stickers for us if we were naughty.. but if they are boys they might like those :)

This might help :) - if not it's still interesting.

You could also try and spend 10 mins with your son - while your step son spends 10 mins with his dad which will help them realize they are still special to their own parent and are not being replaced..and they will get along better..

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