my 2 year old son has been headbuttin everythin since he was about 9 months old its gettin reaaly bad now, he eeven does it on cocrete floor, hes constatly gt a bruise on his head, just need abit of advise, im gettin abit worried now, ive tried ignoring him but he still doesnt stop so that doest help?


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Katy - posted on 07/06/2011




he usually does it when his sister has something he wants or just a tantrum in general, hes pretty always been a very hard baby, and has alot of anger, sometimes he will pinch himself till he bleeds or pick up the nearest thing to him and hit himself on the head with it,if it doesnt hurt him then he will get something harder. its been over a year hes been doing it now and it seems to be getting worse,hopefully he will grow out of it soon, its abit embarassing when people ask why he always has a bruise on his head, lol thank u 4 the comment :)

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Normally it is self limiting behavior. He knows his limit on what hurts too much. My daughter cracked her head & was a head butter for a little while. I did it as a child too & my dad says I stopped when I knocked myself out. i would actually watch my girl gauge how hard she was going to hit her head on an object. She grew out of it & then when she way frustrated she started to slap & hit herself in the head, it is now rare that she does this too.

Is he frustrated, tired, hurngy, or just plain old tantrum? My girl did this for a year. Is he an otherwise normal toddler?

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