My 2 year old son has recently decided to start digging in his dirty diapers and leaving his poo all over the house. It's absolutely disgusting and I'm tired of having to clean poo on a daily basis. Any suggestions as to how I can get him to stop. We are working on potty training, but it's slow going...


Amanda - posted on 01/17/2012




My 2 yr old daughter did the same thing for a while, she has now stopped doing it and will tell me if she needs to go or as she is doing it.

Luckily I have another pair of eyes and sense of smell in my 3 yr old so together we managed to watch when she was doing a poo and changed her the second she was finished.

I also told her that if she continued she would get a time out for playing with her poo. She hates time out so it was enough for her to curb the habit pretty quick.

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