My 2 year old son is not talking much.

Andrea - posted on 08/15/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 year old son is not talking much. He says some words like hi, mom mom and daddy, the rest are noises like " ah de da" or "dooooo". He points at stuff a lot, and other than his speech is a pretty normal 2 year old boy. He's very happy ( 2's when he wants to be :) ) runs, climbs, plays, draws....At his 2 year check up back in June his pediatrician said to give it some time, then we may have to work with a speech therapist. Should I be worried? Before he was two he hardly said anything and we fearing something was wrong. Thought he was deaf at a point, but that's wouldn't makes sense because he reacts to loud noises and will follow direction to things we say. For a little while he used to always cover his ears, but that has slowly been going away. Any advice?? Has your child gone through this?? Thank you!!


Dove - posted on 08/15/2014




No reason to worry. Getting a hearing test done and a speech evaluation would probably be worth your time. There is SUCH a wide variety of 'normal' speech at 2 years old... From being able to hold a conversation w/ an adult... to barely uttering mama. Both ends of the spectrum can be fine... but since the bulk of a child's speech is developed by their 5th birthday... I prefer being proactive when it comes to speech concerns. I strongly feel it is better to seek assistance that is not needed than to 'wait and see' and discover that you should have sought assistance earlier.

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