my 2 year old son is recently potty trained (2 years and 4 months). He is doing wee in the toilet beautifully, has actually progressed from potty to toilet. Oh yes he will 'mummy wee wee!' and we will run off off to the loo together. However he keeps pooping himself no matter how many times i tell him and show him where to do it, he just doesn't seem to get it that it has to be done in the toilet. The first few times he did it in the potty but now he doesn't anymore. Am i doing something wrong?


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Danielle - posted on 06/27/2012




What I have read, (and do with my son), is when they have a poop accident in their pants is walk them to the toilet, slowly pull down their pants to avoid spillage, and dump the poop directly into the toilet. Make sure they see that the poop goes into the toilet, and that the toddler sees that is where it goes.
Then I would proceed to clean up my son.. change his underwear, ect. Then I usually get him to say "Buh bye, poop. See you later", let him wave at it, and get him to flush it down the toilet.
Some children have issues with the sensation of the stool dropping away from their body, when they are so use to wearing a diaper. Some children may also feel scared like they are loosing bits of themselves, and can get scared when they see it swish away in the toilet bowl..

It took our Autistic son over a month to properly poop, and he still isn't properly night-time trained. It got to a point where he was holding in his stool all day, and then he would wait till we put on his nighttime pull-up to make his release.

When we ran into that roadblock we took a different approach.
If were at home all day, and weren't expecting visitors, he would run around bottomless. That way, when it got to a point where his body would involuntarily expel his stool he wouldn't be able to hide it by pooping in his pants, and I could rush him to the potty to complete the movement. Then we would give him skittles for encouragement, and lots of clapping.
I think consistency is the key, and try not to get to upset over it.

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