My 2 year old suddenly refusing to eat hard food.

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He will drink anything, and eat things soft like pudding, but any hard food he will suck on and then spit out. Doctor examined him and said there is no health problem. There has been no traumatic event that me or my husband recall that would have scared him to this point. Has anyone else dealt with this? I really don’t want to take him to some kind of specialist, as our insurance is terrible.


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I hate to throw the old standby at you...but could he be teething?
My son is 26 months and he did this exact same thing to me a month ago. He just decided...Nope. I could get him to eat soft foods for a while...but nothing with any texture. I had just been to the pediatrician for his 2 year evaluation and the dr said he would be cutting his 2 year molars soon...he could see the toothbuds under the skin. It was maybe a month later...he quit wanting to eat.
He got over it in a week...but I am convinced it was his molars coming in.
He would also shove the palm of his hand into his cheek and whine...
I noticed he was spending a LOT of time chewing on his rubber toddler spoons too...shoving them far into his mouth and chewing with his back teeth.
I made an effort to cook soft foods after that...casseroles with shredded chicken and noodles, or perlot rice that was cooked to death..he went on a kick loving spaghetti noodles with butter and parmesan cheese.
I offered him extra special treats...pudding, ice cream...anything soft that he took an interest in. I didn't really sweat "proper nutrition' that week...

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