My 2 yr autistic son will kick and jump on me to play and I am pregnant...

Sonya - posted on 07/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I will try to go lay down in bed and read books or play bears or trains but all he does is want to jump on me and my tummy. I tell him Stop and he will fight to keep doing it. I'll remove him or myself from the bed and he will follow me. I'll sit down in the kitchen and he starts kicking me. I get him to try and stop by physically resisting him from kicking me but it makes him fight harder and go into a tantrum!.Then he screamed for 20 minutes on the floor and I put him in his crib and he screamed for 20 min more. I don't know how to curb this aggression. I can't do anything with out him having to climb on me and jump on me. I try to keep him stimulated by playing with him but he eventually starts hitting me or slapping me. I just don't feel like trying any more and I want to just let him watch t.v. all day so I can get some peace!

All the solutions I find on the internet are "tell him it's hurting you and not appropriate" "talk to him and get him to say what he wants" That would be my dream but unfortunately he has severe speech delay!

I am trying to keep my stress down for this pregnancy because of my high blood pressure. And I am on sick leave/bed rest because of it so we're at home all day and we can't go for walks.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to do with him all day. He doesn't like playdough he'll only colour for a minute or two. We can read books but that only lasts maybe 10 minutes. He can be obsessed with bubbles for hours but we only do it on the porch when it's nice outside. Play in the kitchen sink sounds like fun but is so much mess and usually ends in a struggle to keep the water in the sink.

I'm losing motivation. It's always a fight. Always a struggle and by the time dad gets home I just want to crawl in a hole.


Tina - posted on 07/18/2012




Maybe put a safety gate in his room. Although even my young one bounced on my belly my daughter is ok. They have plenty of protection. When it comes to the tantrums I would stick him in his room if he does not listen. It doesn't sound nice. But sometimes it speaks louder than words. someone kids need alone time too. I have a gate on my sons door and when he gets in one of those moods sometimes he just needs time to calm down then he'll go on and play with his toys, read a book etc. Sometimes mummies need some me time especially when pregnant. If you do want to resort to the tv there is educational dvds you can put on. We have baby mozart dvd's. My son also loves dinosaur train. I was worried about his speech for a while. But i was watching him without him knowing one day and he was picking up alot of words. He's learnt teeth and alot of other neat stuff. When ever you get a chance to get some time make a point to have something to eat stay hydrated. Maybe even once in a while stick him in the stroller or something take a bottle of water and a snack and just go for a small walk if you feel up to it. I found doing that picks my spirits up and makes me feel more energetic surprisingly.

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