My 2 yr old is keeping my 5 yr old up at night....what can I do?

Emily - posted on 10/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost 3 year old wont go to bed. We have a routine....bathroom, dress for bed, read book and pray....then lights out. My five year old also is in the same room. My younger son will lay there talking or even get up and play or open the door. I would just ignore him but my five year old needs to sleep. What should I do. My 2 year old will stay awake for up to two hours before finally falling asleep. He takes about a two hour nap and goes to bed around8 ( doesn't fall asleep till close to 10). I have tried to skip his nap but he still fights sleep at night. He also doesn't sleep in pasted 6:30 even when he stays awake till10.any ideas or suggestions would be helpful!


Ariana - posted on 10/24/2012




Maybe he just needs less sleep? Can you have him play quietly in the living room until 9:30pm then put him to bed? You could do it on the condition he plays quietly, no tv, louds things etc. Also if he doesn't go straight to bed at 9:30 the next night he gets put to bed at 8 again and gets to try again tomorrow. Could be a solution since he's already irritating the 5 year old.

You could also just keep the door open and if you see him get out of bed go over (without saying anything) and pop him back into bed however many times it takes. Tell the 5 year old that although he might wake up he also needs to stay in bed and not make noise and do the same thing. Skip the nap as well since he doesn't seem to need it anyway.

You could also tell the little one that he can choose to sleep in his bed in his room or a toddler bed in the living room (or wherever). So if he gets up or decides to talk it means he wants to sleep in a little toddler bed outside of his room. Same rules apply in not getting up and you ignoring him if he talks, not watching tv or interacting with him at all. The main point of that would be to downplay it as much as possible and give NO attention. Then he still needs to go to bed at a certain time but even if he decides to chat he's not getting any attention or bothering his brothers leep pattern.

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