My 2 yr old understand everything I say but doesn't talk much! HELP!!

Lauren - posted on 05/21/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2 yr old is very smart. He understands everything I say to him like commands, questions, etc. He does say a couple words like "mama, dada, hot, please,etc" We just recently took the pacifier away from him because I did some research and the pacifier can cause them not to talk and it's been about a month and I have noticed he has been talking more but its just baby talk. He knows every body part and colors and some letters of the alphabet. He will point at them when I ask him where something is. So I don't understand why he doesn't talk more. So please help me help him!!! Thanks for reading and God bless =)


Amy - posted on 05/21/2013




My daughter was a late talker and she didn't have a pacifier. We had her assessed two different times my birth to 3 once at 18 months and then again 2 years 8 months. Both times they told us she didn't qualify for services because her understanding was there. They also pointed out to us the more of an issue we made with pronunciation of words the more she would shut down and stop speaking completely.

After her first assessment we started teaching her signs so she could communicate with us easier.

Sarah - posted on 05/21/2013




It will come. The pacifier does hinder them with talking, so just give it some time. Also when he is asking for something and you know he knows the word for it, make him say the word. Act like you don't understand and that he needs to tell you. Even if he points act like you don't know. This helps encourage him to say words instead of pointing.


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Lauren - posted on 05/21/2013




Thanks Sarah!! I haven't tried that yet so I'm going to give it a go! I do notice he has been talking more since we took it away but it's only blabbing. I work with him on a daily basis to help him talk and I know he can do it. I guess patience is a virtue but its difficult because I know he has it in him he just won't do it.. Thanks again for the tip =)

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