My 20 month old continues to wake up at night. Advice?

Christina - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




HI. my daughter is 20 a month old and for the past week or 2 she has started to wake up from the times of 1 - 5 A.M. It's never a certain time just around then. I also have a 7 month old, they sleep in the same room. I am going through a divorce so I am living at home with my mother. She works at a high school so she started going back work and I hate that my daughter is keeping her up. I started to bring her to bed with me so she wouldn't wake up my mother and her little brother. I feel like that was a wrong move. Tonight I decided to just go in and reassure her everything was O.K. and went to my room. She has been crying over a hour and my poor son is being a trooper and is talking to her and making pooing noises. She has a set routine. She doesn't have a problem going down for naps or bedtime. Any advice? I am sorry for rambling. Thank you for your time.


Carol - posted on 08/07/2012




You are in a really hard bind. You are stressed your daughter gets that you are stressed you do not have the freedom of your own home to make decisions about your daughter. First I think have a discussion with your Mom, tell her that her sleep is important to you. I wore ear plugs when my daughter and her Mom moved home and I was fine with that. A couple of times I went to my grandaughter and said, "time to close your eyes and sleep now, Nana needs to sleep and so do you" - I did this with my daughter's permission. A singing toy or one that lights can help her soothe herself - encourage that. We would also say "you are fine and it OK not to sleep but it is night and all the creatures are resting now, so should you. Just close your eyes and think of butterflies,and lie still and it is OK if you don't sleep." I have insomnia now in my old age and I try to remind myself that not sleeping is OK, don't get her to think being awake means she has to get up or that something is wrong, help her find ways to soothe herself. She can learn deep breathing too. It may be good to tell her, we need to find something quiet for you to do so your brother, your grandmother and I can sleep too. Good luck

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