My 20 year old daughter

Leann - posted on 06/20/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




For the last 20 1/2 years I have been a hands on mom...almost to a fault. For about 16bof those years I was on and off again with her father and had dated a few people casually during that time. During all of rose relationships, including the one with her father I put her first. 2 1/2 years ago she started to date a boy and they are still dating. He now lives states away. During their relationship while he lived near us (he moved to.our area for an athletic opportunity while his family lived far away and he was still in high school) I welcomed him, treated him like a family member. I accepted him and them as a couple. I spent a lot of time with them, even vacationing I his home town last summer. I met someone 2 months ago. We clicked instantly which is not common for me. We get along great and I look forward to my time with him. My daughter has decided she hates him ad won't give him the time of day. She tells me how terrible I am to be spending time with him that should be spent with her. She tells me she is done with me. Then she comes back around. Yet it does not take long til I frustrate her again and she is telling me how terrible he is or how terrible I am. He has done nothing wrong. She says he controls me...he does not. She says he is ugly...he is not. It baffles me her behavior although I realize now it is probably my fault because I have never done for me but always for her. I am relocating back to our hometown after a year away foe a job. She lived with me but is currently living withy parents. I have secured a new apartment but I have decided she should not libe with me. Today she got mad because I changedy facebook prifle picture to me and my boyfriend. She thought that was terruble and that it should be her and I. I put her pic as the background pic bUT she said it was unacceptable and I shold remove her all together. Then she said she won't have any more to do with me. She has not spoken to her dad in 4 years by choice although he blames's a long story. With that it now fair for me to date a man that treats me well or is that as unacceptable as she says it is? Help!!!

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