My 20mo old has always loved going to bed. Has a crib in his own room since birth. Just this week he freaks out, tantrum-like when placed in crib. I have let him cry for up to an hour. It's sooo hard. Any suggestions???


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Constance - posted on 04/24/2011




Been there as well. went out and bought a big boy bed. Kinda made a game out of it. Just told him that he has this great big boy bed now and big boys get big beds. Bu the catch is he has toact like a big boy to sleep in it. Have him help put the sheet on, then the blanket, and pillow. He will be so proud that he won't be able to wait to get in his new big boy bed to sleep. If you a worried if he is going to escape when you ae a sleep put up a baby gate then you have a little peice of mind. Also remember let him make the bed it will give him a sense of pride. Praise him and he will be proud.

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