My 21 month old gaughter has rashes on belly, arms and legs.

LeoElena - posted on 05/29/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter around a month ago started to itch her arms, belly and thighs. Honestly, I didnt think it serious so I just put cream on thinking its cuz she has a dry skin like mine, and its irritated a bit. Then it became worse after a week or so, red, and almost like a scar. My husband and I gotten worried so I took her to a dermatoligist. He said the same to me, dry skin, irritated, then comes itchiness then a scar. Ihe gave me a deep heavy moisturizer for her leg en thighs and a syrop for the general allergy reaction. Syrop, she didnt take, refised completely that she threw up all her dinner out, and cream heals, yet when I stop cuz no markw anymore-as the dr instructed, everything comes out again,uch worse en another different places...I am worried, dont trust the dr anymore, and basically running out of time since now she has it on her belly and all red... I am living in Iraq-my husband's work, in July we r back to Belgium where she has her pediater whom I trust. Till July, i dont know what to do to keep it down from getting worse, or stopping it from showing up. Please, any advice or an idea what the cause or maybe a similar experience...THANK YOU!
P.S. pardon any typos...


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