My 21 year old daughter has become abusive.

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She is mentally ill. Sometimes I feel scared of her. She wont work. Never does anything but make a mess and is hateful to my husband and I. She has even started to HIT on me. Her disrespect is just horrible. I have tried to get her help. She wont do it. She has called me fat and told me she would like to tear me up. I have began to feel scared. I guess I am going to have to kick her out. She needs help. I dont know why these rages have gotten worse. I think she is getting sicker. I think she may be bipolar. I cant live this way anymore. Please give me some suggestions


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/28/2014




What has she been diagnosed with?

She's an adult. If she hasn't got a diagnosis, and refuses to go for one, you have every right to refuse her access to your home, if you feel that allowing her access threatens your safety.

Have eviction paperwork drawn up, and have a police officer serve it to her, and escort her off the premises

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