My 21 year old son - Depressed, on Meds, with Amputated Leg...and lots more to come

Rajeev - posted on 11/30/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




He stopped going to college a year ago because he liked the marijuana better than school in Seattle. He left home, since he felt suffocated and went to live on the streets. He collected lot of moving violations in the small period of time. His father was called from Washington DC to find him from the streets and take him out of Washington State.

His father connected with his friends in Renton on Facebook and located him on the streets. His father took him and 3 other friends of him to have lunch on the roof top restaurant on Space Needle. Next day, somehow he agreed to leave with his father under the impression that he can get marijuana in State of Virginia. He was wiped out, He had lost lot of weight. He had started smoking cigars and cigarettes.

In State of Virginia, he stayed home and smoked cigarettes out of the important. He was not right. He was having withdrawals. He borrowed his Father's car and went to see someone in Maryland and got caught with police carrying marijuana. When he couldn't get marijuana, he started stealing Nyquil bottles from CVS and started drugging himself.

He already had DUI and DV cases before he left Washington and he was on 18 months probation before his father picked him up. Now he added another one. According to his Father, he was often quiet and just wanted to smoke all day. He fought with his father about going back to Washington state, but he was not welcomed.

April 15, Sunday Morning, is the day no one can forget in our life. He woke up, dressed, and said he will be right back. His father questioned, where are you going without keys or cigarettes. He said, he forgot. He looked fine. 45 minutes went by, and no word of him. His father got worried, went downstairs, in the gym, all through the complex, no signs of him. His father received a call from GW Hospital that your son is here, he had an accident and he is ok. I rushed to the hospital, and he was laying there. His surgeon told his father that he tried to commit suicide, by jumping in front of the on coming train. The police said that people saw him in the hodie, jumping as the train was approaching. The Doctor gave him the news, he will be loosing his leg below the knee. That was so devastating for his Father.

He was in the hospital for a month. Recovered, then he went to psychiatric floor for two weeks since he was depressed and did not want to share his accident with anyone. 2013 year was the worst year for the whole family. It didn't end here, still since May 15 till now, his father has gone through many challenges till today. He takes Celexa and Seroquil and his father feels that he does not need medicines but family support and vitamins to regulate his brain.

I had to move here with my daughter 3 months ago, since his father refused to keep him in the apartment since he was disturbing the neighbors. He has his prosthesis now. He can walk. He needs his carton of cigarettes every two weeks. He needs his coconut water weekly. He wants us to prepare meals everyday. When we ask him, can you make a meal he simply says "No". He has this excuse that no one is hiring him, because he is disabled. All day long he has his shades on and just signs rap hip hop in the closet, all day. When his father comes home from work, he asks him to take him out and just drive around. His father has tried cutting down his amenities, then he get violent and abusive and threatens his dad that he will break his nose. So his father now, is providing him with his needs and just bought him a new keyboard for recording music....just because he wants him to grow up, but it doesn't seem to happen.

His father will be stopping his meds and put him on follic acids and B^ and B12 vitamins somehow. Psychiatrist only know how to increase his dosage and prescribe meds. His father is against it. His father has also made him attend 10 week NAMI peer to peer program. We don't see any improvement.

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