My 22 month old daughter is turning into a brat. What can I do to fix her new "attitude problem"?

Ashley - posted on 01/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Well, recently, my daughter has started trying out a whole new attitude of "defy mom and dad completely" and has a hysterical fit if she doesn't get her way. Why she's like this? I have no clue. She usually listens until the last few months she seems to think she's little miss queeny. I've done just about everything I could think of that is legal. And nothing seems to work so far. Am I the only one who has a little brat for no reason? It just came out of nowhere.


Amy - posted on 01/22/2012




It's called the terrible twos for a reason, but I have one that's 5 and let me tell you 3 was worst then two.

Pick your battles, once you made your mind up you can't go back because it reinforces the behavior when you do. So if you tell her no you're going to have to stick with it so decide if it's worth it before you start the battle.

Give choices, do you want to wear this shirt or this one. Your daughter is developing a sense of self and independence let her practice it.

Give her the words to express herself, my 22 month old has limited verbal language so we've been teaching her some signs so she doesn't get so frustrated.

Ignore the negative. If she throws herself down on the ground kicking and screaming because she's not getting her way as long as she's safe ignore and walk away. If she follows tell her that you don't understand what she wants when she's acting that way. The more attention they get during the tantrums the more they realize it's effective at getting some attention.

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