my 22 month old daughter says some words but still not talking.

Sherrell - posted on 11/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby girl talks but she doesn't talk how she's suppose to and im concern because she will be 2 yrs old this yr Jan..she use to say some words then she just stop saying them ex: mama eat
She still says da da but she points to what she wants ..We talk to her everyday and she's not my only child I have 4 older 1s that's older than her..ANY ADVICE IM CONCERNED..


Kathy - posted on 11/14/2013




I'm glad you said she has older sibs. I will be willing to bet that she understands most of what you tell her, too. She doesn't need to say much when she can point. "How she's supposed to" is relative. Every child talks, walks, runs int heir own time. She has older sibs who understand what she wants and I've seen this before. If you'd like to help encourage talking, just tell her to say what she wants rather than point, but I'm sure that she is on her own time int he talking department. When you're reading to her, ask her questions, but let her talk in her own time. I read where Albert Einstein did not talk until he was about 3 or 4 years old. Who knows? Your baby may be extremely intelligent and biding her time for just the right thing to say!

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