My 22 month old son isn't saying many words

Kate - posted on 11/21/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all, first post.

My 22 month old son isn't saying many words. He says mum and Dad and has said a couple of other words before but stopped saying them.
He interacts well, knows exactly what your saying to him.
If you tell him to where are his shoes he will go get them etc.
he laughs and smiles etc.

I'm worried that he isn't saying much.

Any advice would be great.


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User - posted on 11/21/2013




Dont worry about this. I have heard that boys talk a little later than girls, but I know mine did. At 22 mo my son was the exactly the same. He is now 33 months and he is speaking sentences, not just repeating things but his own words. It was like over night. And I had talked to my son since we found out we were pregnant, I wasnt sure why he wasnt talking that much at that age either but shortly after me thinking that his vocabulary bloomed and it seems like it is expanding everyday.
Dont worry, his day will come and you can enjoy his sweet voice and get to see the cute little personality inside

Robin - posted on 11/21/2013




My son started speaking at 3. Everyone said he was autistic.Now, he is the best reader in his class. Don't worry.

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