My 22 months nephew has been diagnosed with autism

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He has been diagnosed with mild autism. He maintains proper eye contact and is receptive to certain things also but is not able to speak till now. Just wish to know are there any chances of autistic children getting perfectly normal at any stage of their life. Is Homeopathy which claims cure for this disease is really effective or only therapies can help?


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My daughter is also considered mildly autistic, and she functions pretty well. I'm not convinced it is autism, but many of the symptoms are the same. I also work with autistic children, so I do have some background.

One important thing that helps a lot is a regular schedule. Autistic children have a lot of anxiety (most are put on meds for it) and a regular schedule helps ease the fears and worries. Also talking about up coming events will help. Anyting to let the child know what to expect is good.

I've also found that you should NEVER underestimate what these kids can understand and learn. I've had kids that never spoke, so were assumed to be low functioning. Once they got ahold of a computer or cumminicater, they let it be known just how much they did know! (you can find videos on youtube of some amazing autistics)

Another thing I HIGHLY recomend is weighted blankets. I was not familiar with them until a year ago, and I am a FIRM believer in them now. An internet search will turn up some good info, and some sources. (i've made my own)

Be aware that he may be super sensitive to some things. Some autistics are almost hurt by the gentlest of touches, some can not handle noise, or lights. They are really bothered by these things, and many describe pain. It is different for each person, but watch for a fear or pain response to certain things. Any 'fits' may be cause by this over-stimulated condition, and by avoiding and slowly letting the child get use to them, you may avoid alot of problems.

I don't know if your nephew will ever be 'normal', but many autistics lead very productive and happy lives. Look up Temple Grandin, she will inspire you to not limit this child! Watch the movie, if possible, it is great. I have met this wonderful lady (my interest also lie in animal husbandry, so I knew about her before learning about autism) She does not act 'normal', but who would want her to? Good luck with this boy. I know it is hard to deal with at first, but his possibilities are not as limited as you may think.


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I know that there is an adolescent form of Autism that a child can grow out of around the time the child turns 7 or so. It is around the time where children start to process through puberty.

Autism is a hormonal imbalance in the brain. I do not personally feel that it is something that can be cured by Western or Homeopathic medicine.

Don't forget that there are many different forms and degrees of Autism. The fact that he feels comfortable making eye contact, and is somewhat receptive is a positive sign!

Unfortunately, Autism cannot be 'cured' with medicine... only treated to help curb the symptoms.

I suggest, if you are looking for Natural remedies to help, to purchase a couple books about proper dieting for Autism. For instance, there is a dye in Ketchup which can aggravate the symptoms in Autism.

Please keep in mind that children with Mild Autism (opposed to Aggressive Autism) will feel a sense of helplessness, and loneliness more than a regular child, or aggressive Autistic. This is because they are uncomfortable making friends, but will still feel anxious and overwhelmed in busy scenarios. The difference with Children with Mild Autism is that they know what they are missing out on, and will constantly struggle with themselves.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

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