My 22 year old daughter claims she hates me


Michelle - posted on 10/06/2015




If she's in your house she has to live by your rules and pay her way. If she doesn't like your rules then let her know she is more than welcome to leave.
Draw up a contract for what you expect of her while living with you. She's an adult and maybe it's time for her to get out on her own.


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Cheryl - posted on 10/06/2015




Sorry, I did not finish. The sad part is that it was I and not her Dad that set aside college money for her, bought her a horse, bought her a jeep, that she totaled and the list goes on and on. I created the monster and now I have to live with her. She has a good heart, however none of the goodness flows in my direction. I want her to move out on her own so I can enjoy my life again and live in a happy home. It is soooo expensive for young people that they can often only afford to live in more "dangerous" areas of town.

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