My 24 year old son does not address me as mom or my first name.

Marie Dee - posted on 03/04/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is in college in Korea, he's 24 years old and stopped calling me mom at a very young age (about 10).. He refers to me as mom when others are around but if he want to share something with me via text or message he never says, Hi Mom to begin the conversation like most kids, he just gets to the point without addressing me at all. I told him how I feel and asked him, "Why don't you call me mom anymore?". His answer was, "well it's a private message, I'm not talking to anyone else". Also I send him money periodically and message him to tell him I deposited money into his account, his response was, "thank youuu". It really bothers me why he doesn't say thank you Mom. Actually when he first arrived in Korea to begin his college there 8 months ago, he said "thank you mama" but now doesn't say it anymore. Does anyone else have this problem?


Michelle - posted on 03/04/2015




When I sent text messages to my Mum I don't address her as Mum. Like he said, it's a message just to you.
He knows you're his Mother.


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Marie Dee - posted on 03/04/2015




Yes he rarely calls me mom, in person either unless there's other people around. It has always bothered me so it's nothing new. In my family growing up we always refer to our parents and addressed them quite often. I know it's no big deal to some people but I wonder if it's a underlined problem, I know he loves me, there's no question there, I just find it unusual because I feel as if he could address me, it makes me feel like he's not just talking to just another person, it makes it more personal I suppose. I hope I don't sound petty. Thank you Jodi :)

Jodi - posted on 03/04/2015




You said he stopped calling you mum when he was 10. Only in texts? He is now 24. Why would it only bother you now? I never call my mum "mum" in text messages either. It's pointless, given it's her phone....

Is it that he NEVER calls you mum at all?

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