my 2year old son only sleeps with me or his dad in the bed with him, what should we do to stop this??


Vikki - posted on 07/09/2012




You may have to exercise "tough love" with him. It is not necessarily a bad thing that he wants you to sleep in there with him. My son slept with me much through his younger years, off and on. A lot of times, the best way to get a child to sleep alone is to make him feel as though he's a "big boy" sleeping in a "big boy bed" without mommy or daddy. And it may be that you'll have to try to phase it out so that he doesn't feel like you're abandoning him.

Talk to him about it and tell him that mommy and daddy can't sleep with him all the time. But that you will cuddle with him maybe to read a book or two and then lights out. Maybe the first week, tell him you'll stay in the room with him after you've cuddled and read the book(s), then stay in the room until he falls asleep.

Then the next week, tell him you'll be just outside the door and do just that until he falls asleep. And then slowly start to leave right after he has had his cuddle time and book time. He'll soon learn to be a "big boy" and not sleep with mommy or daddy, unless he has a nightmare.

Assure him that you will not be far, but that it is time for him to sleep. And that he can always come to you if he has a bad dream or is scared. Putting on some soothing music, or having him cuddle with a stuffed animal could help too (they have these stuffed animals from Leap Pad- Baby Tad was the one we had when my son was young- they play music at intervals set by you and are both a play toy and a soft cuddling soothing thing for nighttime. It worked wonders for my son. I think the ones they have now is Scout and I think you can even program your voice in there for him. So, I think you can even record a lullaby that you're singing, so that your son still hears your voice.

Some parents try the "cry it out" rule. If you're up for that, try it. I tried it a couple of times with my son, but just couldn't do it. The cuddling, soothing music and extended nighttime routine is what worked best for us.

Good luck. Just be strong and stick to it as you're working on it. It will be hard at first, but will work in the long run.


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Abii - posted on 07/09/2012




thank you vikki, it only really happends after he comes back from his fathers ( he doesnt see him very oftern)
i will try what you have said, he goes to sleep on his own but wakes up in the night for us.
he has a dummy and a teddy. i dont like letting him cry because my 9month out son is in the same room and dont want him to be up to.

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