my 2yr old grandson has a fever and ugly coughwhat cani do???


Gena - posted on 02/14/2015




My son has the same atm. To treat the fever we use a paracetamol. For the coughing you should ask a doctor for a cough medicine and ask exactly when it should be given. Some cough medicine should only be given in the morning and lunch because it helps to cough out the phlem. And if you give that befor bedtime the child will have problems sleeping because of the coughing. There is also a special cough medicine to give befor bedtime that will help the child sleep. Besides the medicine i can recommend using a baby cold cream like viks,rub it on the chest,back and feet. What also helps alot is baby cold bath extract that you add to the bath. You can get it at a pharmacy or the doctor. If you want to go natural and you have fresh thyme,pick a handfull and put it in a jug. Fill the jug with 300ml boiling water. You can let the child inhale the steam,just be VERY CAREFUL with a toddler and boiling water. Or you let the thyme stay in the water for 15minutes and then you add the thyme water into the bath water. Drinking thyme tea can also help. If the child has very high fever and not feeling well at all then its better to go see a doctor.

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