my 2yr old has a fever,runny nose,,isnt eating,what should i do ?


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there are also homeopathic medicines that is good for isn't harmful to children. you can go to a herbal place in your area. they can help you there. or look up on i

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sounds like the flu bug.. you can get some ginger, echinechea, vitamen c, phytocillion, colidal silver, alfa cf..and if fever gets too high..get some temp. assure.. these are all herbal stuff and will not harm your child. i use this myself. as for not is a way for the body to get rid of the toxins and viruses out of the child's the saying goes..feed a cold and starve a fever.. if you decide to give your child a bath..make sure it is warm and only dab the water off.. dont do it too much..because a chill can cause the fever to rise.

Dove - posted on 09/30/2012




How long has he/she been sick and how high is the fever?

Most likely it's just a virus that needs to run its course. Keep the child as comfortable as possible, fever under control (102F or so is fine) with meds if needed, and hydrated. Not eating for a few days won't be a problem, but getting dehydrated can get dangerous quickly.


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